Launch Date: June 9, 2014

Format: Adult Hits

Target Demographic: Adults 25-54


99-9 WFNX plays an extremely wide variety of hits from almost every major music genre including Rock, Pop, Oldies, and Country.  Research has shown that the current generation of listener prefers a larger diversity in their music choice, and our own local research agrees.  WFNX gives the listener the impression of total randomness, similar to listening to an iPod, but in actuality it is carefully programmed and researched.  Unique to WFNX is the listeners’ online experience, which gives them the ability to vote on every song the station plays.

WFNX Approximate Coverage Area

WFNX Approximate Coverage Area

Less Is More

We want our advertisers’ messages to be heard, not lost in the clutter.  That’s why we’ve adapted a very simple rule…no commercial breaks longer than 60 seconds.  We believe this technique keeps listeners from tuning out and results in a much better success rate for each commercial aired. 

Interactive Online Experience

WFNX offers listeners an interactive experience through its website and apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  Unique to WFNX is the Activity Stream, where people can listen to the station online anywhere and simultaneously see info on every song and artist that WFNX plays, vote on each song, and comment and chat in real time.  With WFNX Advertisements, listeners see YOUR message as part of the Activity Stream in real time as well!